Pumps & Motors

Water pumps use a diaphragm, centrifugal force, or positive displacement to move water through your water filtration system or to boost low water pressure.

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Water pumps all transport water differently or serve different purposes. They either use rollers, impellers, a rotor, or a diaphragm to move water through your system. We offer pumps to boost water pressure in your reverse osmosis system, RV, shower head, or faucet. Our collections also include pumps to circulate water through your aquarium or garden fixture or transport fluids for pharmaceutical dosing.

If you’re trying to achieve precise chemical injections or dosages and avoid contamination, then browse our peristaltic pumps.

Design: Stenner

If you’re looking for a pump for a food or beverage filtration system, then browse our rotary vane pumps.

Design: Procon and Fluid-O-Tech

If you want to prevent flooding in your basement or send water through your garden features, then browse our submersible sump pumps.

Designs: Shinmaywa, Matala, and DURO

If the water pressure in your faucet or shower head is too low, then browse our water booster pumps.

Designs: Grundfos and Davey

Learn how booster pumps work.

If you’re looking for increased water flow from your reverse osmosis system, then browse our RO booster pumps.

Designs: Davey and Shurflo

Learn how reverse osmosis works.

If you’re looking for a pump to increase the efficiency and produce less wastewater in your RO system, then browse our permeate pumps.

Design: Aquatec

Learn how permeate pumps work.

If your hoping to increase water flow in boost water pressure in your RV or boat, then browse our RV and Marine water pumps.

Designs: Remco and Flojet

If you want to produce bubbles or circulate air through your fish tank, then browse our aquarium pumps.

Design: EcoPlus

If you want to get purified water from a 5-gallon water bottle to your faucet, then browse our water bottle dispensing systems.

Design: Flojet

If you need replacement parts for your pump, then browse our pump accessories.

If you need a carbonator motor to power your pump, then browse Marathon electric motors.