Rusco Spin-Down Filters & Sediment Traps

Rusco spin-down filters and sediment traps trap dirt and other particles. The filters require no cartridges and can be flushed to remove accumulated debris.

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Rusco spin-down filters have been the industry’s leading sediment filter since 1977. Spin-down filters and sediment traps make removing solid particles from water simple and economical. They capture dirt and debris and other large particles in water to protect your appliances and household fixtures, while making it easier for other filter systems to do their job. A Rusco spin down filter, sediment trapper filter, or hot water filter is an excellent choice for industrial or whole house water filtration.

Types of Rusco Sediment filters

  • • The spin-down filter: For fine to course sediment
  • • The sediment trapper: For heavy amounts of sediment
  • • The hot water spin-down filter: For water with high temperatures

A Combo style head allows you to install on either a horizontal or vertical outlet.

A T-Style head has only a horizontal outlet.

What’s the difference between a spin-down filter and a sediment trapper?

Sediment traps provide the same advantages as spin-down filters, with additional internal volume that allows them to handle high amounts of sediment. The unique design of the sediment trap allows debris to settle in the bottom of the clear cover, separated or “trapped” from the filter screen. This unique filtration technology removes many types of sediment, including shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, and sand/grit (course, fine, and very fine).

Note: The new 1-1/2” and 2” Rusco spin-down models make it easy to convert the standard spin-down filter into a sediment trapper by simply replacing the screens.

How spin-down filters and sediment trappers work

Both spin-down filters and sediment trappers use centrifugal force to separate the sediment from the water.

  1. The clear housing holds the filter screen. During operation, the water and sediment swirl around the inside of the cover at high speed.
  2. The heavier particles spin out to the wall of the filter housing.
  3. The sediment drops out of the water current and settles at the bottom of the housing.
  4. The filter screen stops any lightweight particles suspended in the water. Clear water flows through the screen and out of the filter body.
  5. Periodically flush accumulated matter in the cover or on the filter screen by opening the flush valve while the unit is in operation.

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How to get rid of sediment in a water heater

You can use the Rusco hot water spin-down filter as a filter for your water heater. If you hear your hot water heater making noises, sediment may be building up in the tank. Corrosion, heating element failure, or a large amount of sediment in your water supply can lead to sediment build-up. A hot water spin-down filter helps capture accumulated sediment from your hot water heater.

Advantages of a Rusco hot water spin-down filter

A Rusco hot water sediment filter can operate with water up to 200ºF because of its glass-filled polypropylene head. The filter screen is made of stainless steel and housed in a chemical and heat resistant filter cover.

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Where to use a Rusco sediment filter

  • • Hydronic heating systems
  • • Industrial heat exchangers
  • • Cooling tower and evaporators
  • • Residential or commercial hot water heaters
  • • Industrial applications (machine coolant and cutting fluids)
  • • Spas and jacuzzis

Benefits of Rusco Sediment Filters

  • • High-flow capacity
  • • Easy to flush
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Clear filter housing for visibility
  • • Reusable filter screen and flush valve

Rusco filters are manufactured in the USA from NSF-certified materials.

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