Float valves refill fluids in a container after emptying; needle and ball valves restrict water flow; and shut-off valves shut off water before maintenance. 

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Browse through a multitude of valves necessary for plumbing systems, including ball valves, float valves, needle valves, shut-off valves, and stackable valves.

Shut-off valves attach to tubing using quick-connect fittings for quick and easy installation and removal. These valves are made of non-toxic, harmless materials approved by FDA, NSF-51, and SK Zert. Since they can be used for inert gases, solenoid valves are ideal for food and beverage applications.

Needle valves allow users to regulate water flow by gradually raising and lowering the spindle. Needle valves typically have a small port but can reach a desired flow with a twist of the handle.

Float valves come in both mini and heavy-duty PVC styles and are gauged by the rate of flow at a specific pressure to control the amount of fluid in a container for a variety of different industries. Float valves assure a water container can be filled as quickly as it empties.