About Fresh Water Systems

Fresh Water Systems began installing and servicing commercial water coolers in Southern California in 1989. As we grew, our staff and product inventory expanded to help provide more guests with competitive pricing for their home and business water filtration needs.

Ten years later, a national chain drug store asked us for a water treatment and dispensing system safe for use in medical processes. Without an in-house filtration system, the pharmacy was forced to use bottled water, a cost to them and the environment. We provided the company with a way to receive USP-Grade purified water that met specific quality requirements for reconstituting and compounding medications. Today, we are the exclusive provider of the PharMate® dispensing system to almost 15,000 pharmacies nationwide.


Fresh Water Systems moved to the beautiful and verdant Upstate in the Appalachian Foothills of South Carolina. After nearly three decades of business, we are a leading supplier of residential, commercial, pharmaceutical water treatment solutions. The company has grown because of its friendly service, extensive inventory, and competitive pricing.

Because we work with water, one of the earth's most valuable resources, we are continually looking for ways to care for our planet. Visit the blog to learn more about how we recycle in our office.

Fresh Water Systems Warehouse And Van

Why trust us to solve your water problems? 

Making water safe and healthy for people around the world is what motivates our team at Fresh Water Systems. Almost 30 years of friendly service and business experience have proven us proficient in solving water problems. Every day we fulfill hundreds of orders from replacement water filters to larger whole-house water filtration systems for families, businesses municipalities, and wholesalers. Pharmacies, like Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Osco Drugs, Sav-On Drugs, Meijers, and Fred Meyer also count on us for clean water from their PharMate® systems. 

As our guest, we make your water concerns our own. When you call us about your water quality, you receive personable service from a water expert. Our team loves answering your questions and using their experience to find solutions to make your water better. We deliver exactly what you need directly from our warehouse so that we can meet your needs without delay.

What can you expect from Fresh Water Systems?

Fresh Water Systems Certified Water Specialist

  1. Integrity

We are responsible for the quality of your water and will provide you with honest answers. We want to keep our character as clean as the water we provide.

  1. Presence

We exist to help make your water better. Our team and water experts are physically and mentally present to share their knowledge and solve your water problems.

  1. Initiative

We take leading action in promoting a better environment and working to find new ways to make water accessible to the world.

  1. Thirst for knowledge

We work in an environment where learning is encouraged, and curiosity is crucial. We are interested in solving water problems no matter their complexity.

  1. Communication

We don’t hoard our knowledge but understand the importance of educating on the significance of fresh water. The wider our reach, the greater impact we can make.