About Fresh Water Systems


Established in 1989, Fresh Water Systems began installing and servicing commercial water coolers in Southern California. By 1991, the company was reorganized with the vision of providing and supporting the highest quality products and services in the water treatment industry at the forefront. As the bottled water craze began to take hold in homes and businesses alike, founder and CEO Steve Norvell set his sights on providing environmentally sustainable access to pristine filtered water.

Shortly thereafter, Fresh Water Systems expanded beyond the commercial water cooler industry into more comprehensive water treatment solutions for both residences and businesses alike. Fresh Water Systems established themselves as an industry leader in commercial and residential water treatment in Southern California. As the company continued to grow, so did the product inventory, all with the aim to provide Fresh Water Systems’ guests with access to competitively priced water filtration systems and components for both their homes and businesses. 

In August of 1997, FreshWaterSystems.com was launched, making Fresh Water Systems one of the first water treatment distributors to expand into the newly blossoming eCommerce arena. That same year, a major national chain drug store found Fresh Water Systems after an internet search. Without in-house water filtration, they were forced to rely on bottled water, at a cost to both them and the environment. They approached Fresh Water Systems, curious to see if Fresh Water could provide a water purification system for the reconstitution of oral antibiotics. After a comprehensive study of the pharmaceutical market, Fresh Water Systems invested in designing an industry-changing water treatment for pharmacies. The PharMate® dispensing system was born, a revolutionary system for the purification, measuring, and dispensing of water to be used in the reconstitution of liquid suspension oral antibiotics. The PharMate® was met with widespread acclaim in the industry. Today, Fresh Water Systems proudly services over 16,000 chain drug stores as well as independent pharmacies, with its own fleet of services technicians. These technicians service pharmacies across the entire continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  

In 2004, Fresh Water Systems moved across the country to the East Coast, opening up a 15,000 square foot distribution in the beautiful and verdant Greenville, South Carolina. This new location allowed Fresh Water Systems to reach 65% of the United States population within 2 transit days with ground service, furthering the company’s commitment to providing their guests with water filtration products promptly and at competitive prices. 

In early 2012, NeoLogic, Inc. was established. NeoLogic distributes water treatment products and fluid components to original manufacturers, dealers, and water treatment distributors across the country. In 2014, CEO and founder Steve Norvell purchased an 83,000 square foot facility in Greenville, SC, moving both Fresh Water Systems and NeoLogic to the new location. The sprawling new warehouse allowed Fresh Water to accrue sizable inventory, stocking a host of water filtration products, from water softeners and well tanks to fittings and tubing. This massive inventory allowed Fresh Water Systems to stock a diverse range of products for their guests, ensuring the company could offer solutions to every homeowner and business, regardless of the water quality concerns they faced.

In March of 2020, Fresh Water Systems and NeoLogic expanded to a newly constructed Class A 35,000 square foot facility in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. This second warehouse gave Fresh Water even greater access to the entire continental United States. Regardless of location, Fresh Water desired to quickly and easily ship our products to our guests.

After over 30 years in business, Fresh Water is proud to be a leading supplier of residential, commercial, and pharmaceutical water treatment solutions and fluid components. The success of Fresh Water is the result of our eager, friendly service, our extensive and vast inventory, and our commitment to competitive pricing.


Why trust us to solve your water problems? 

Making water safe and healthy for people around the world is what motivates our team at Fresh Water Systems. Almost 30 years of friendly service and business experience have proven us proficient in solving water problems. Every day we fulfill hundreds of orders from replacement water filters to larger whole-house water filtration systems for families, businesses municipalities, and wholesalers. Pharmacies, like Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Osco Drugs, Sav-On Drugs, Meijers, and Fred Meyer also count on us for clean water from their PharMate® systems. 

As our guest, we make your water concerns our own. When you call us about your water quality, you receive personable service from a water expert. Our team loves answering your questions and using their experience to find solutions to make your water better. We deliver exactly what you need directly from our warehouse so that we can meet your needs without delay.

What can you expect from Fresh Water Systems?

Fresh Water Systems Certified Water Specialist

  1. Integrity

We are responsible for the quality of your water and will provide you with honest answers. 

  1. Grit

We passionately and courageously persevere through challenges to ensure our customers, suppliers and employees succeed.

  1. Initiative

We take leading action in promoting a better environment and working to find new ways to solve water problems.

  1. Thirst for knowledge

We work in an environment where learning is encouraged, and curiosity is crucial. We are interested in solving water problems to help improve the lives of our guests and partners.

  1. Communication

We don’t hoard our knowledge but understand the importance of educating on the significance of fresh water. The wider our reach, the greater impact we can make.



Greenville, South Carolina:

2299 Ridge Road
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Salt Lake City, Utah:

3195 W Professional Cir, Ste 200
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