Fittings include quick-connect, pipe fittings, valves, and connectors in brass, PVC, PEX, and other materials for plumbing and industrial applications. 

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Quick-connect, quick-disconnect, compression, barbed, and pipe fittings each serve a different purpose.

If you’re looking for an easy push-fit plumbing connection for pipes or tubing, then browse our quick-connect fittings.

Designs: John Guest, Sea Tech, Parker, and DMfit

If you’re looking for couplings that provide an easy disconnection, then browse our quick-disconnect fittings.

Design: Colder

If you’re looking for a secure brass or plastic outer-diameter (OD) tubing connection, then browse our compression fittings.

Design: JACO

If you’re looking for inner-diameter (ID) connections for soft tubing, then browse our hose barb fittings.

Design: Colder

If you’re looking for male iron pipe (MIP) or female iron pipe (FIP) connections, then browse our pipe fittings .