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JACO Manufacturing Company

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JACO Manufacturing Company


The JACO Manufacturing Company is a reputable a leader in plastic technology. JACO supplies compression fittings, tubing, and connectors for plumbing systems.

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JACO compression fittings are used with all types of tubing and are typically less expensive and more resistant to chemical and corrosion than metal fittings. JACO compression fittings are either made of nylon, Celcon acetal copolymer, polypropylene, or Kynar (PVDF). To ensure the highest quality construction, JACO uses high-tech production, in-house mold design, and tooling. We maintain an extensive inventory of fittings designed for O.D. tubing. JACO fittings are available in over many size variations and chemical compositions like acetal, polypropylene, nylon, and kynar PVDF. This helps to ensure you find the fittings suitable for your application.

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