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Plastic Tubing & Hoses

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Plastic Tubing & Hoses


Tubing transports water to and from a water filtration system. Tubing and hoses come in a variety of durable materials like flexible PEX and PVC.

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Flexible, vinyl, or rubber tubingis an essential part to any plumbing system. We offer LLDPE tubing for point-of-use drinking water systems, PEX and polypropylene tubing for durability and heat resistance, santoprene tubing for exceptional mechanical properties, and braided PVC tubing for food-grade plumbing jobs, among other types of tubing. Browse our selection for the appropriate diameter, color, material, and functionality for your needs.

Types of Tubing

  • • Fluoropolymer FEP
  • • PEX tubing - ideal for hot/cold applications and available in blue, white and red; designed for use with all standard fittings and POU drinking water systems
  • • Polyethylene tubing - designed for use with all standard fittings and POU drinking water systems.
  • • Metric polyethylene LLDPE tubing
  • • Polypropylene tubing - provides durability and heat resistance in higher temperature applications. Ideal for transfer of hot liquids or gases
  • • Santoprene thermosplastic rubber tubing - provides exceptional mechanical properties and is resilient under a wide range of temperatures
  • • Braided clear PVC tubing - NSF and FDA-approved clear food grade hose; excellent for air, water and food transfer
  • • Clear steel wire reinforced PVC suction hose
  • • Flexible clear PVC tubing - resistant to oxidation, chemicals and bacteria
  • • Clear polyurethane tubing - flexible and resilient tubing resistant to oil, grease, fuel, weathering, tearing, impact, radiation and abrasion
  • • Silicone tubing - extremely pliable elastic tubing resistant to extreme temperatures and not altered by the effects of weather
  • • HDPE tubing - high density polyethylene tubing for use with ice makers and other application

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