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Water filtration systems for your tankless water heater treat water before it enters your water heater to prevent mineral build-up and maintain performance. Tankless water heaters are favored over traditional water heaters, but they are more prone to mineral build-up from hard water because of the large amount of heat generated. Higher temperatures lead to greater chance of limescale sedimentation, which greatly reduces the efficiency of your water heater. Reduced efficiency results in more energy and monetary costs.


A prefiltration system for a water heater treats water before it enters your water heater. It removes limescale accumulation from walls, heating elements, and the bottom of your water heater. Investing in quality pre-filtration systems for water heaters saves money by maintaining the efficiency and extending the life of your water heater.


Siliphos inhibits or binds calcium and magnesium hardness minerals, preventing them from precipitating out of solution and building up on the surface of your water heater. Siliphos also forms a thin protective layer on the pipe wall or metallic surface with helps to eliminate hardness build up and corrosion. Average cartridge life is 4 to 6 months.


Prefiltration is necessary when utilizing tankless water heaters to prolong the life and efficiency of your equipment. Many tankless water heater manufacturers will void the warranty if the water supply is not pre-treated to eliminate any sedimentation, or scale build up that can damage your equipment.