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HydroBlend HBW WareWash Filter System

Part Number: HBW
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HydroBlend is a unique product manufactured to provide superior mineral scale prevention and corrosion control by feeding a special blend of scale control compounds into the water stream. The specially designed cartridge releases HydroBlend at a constant rate, resulting in a consistent scale and corrsion control for predictable periods of time. No electricity, maintenance, or guess work is required. A simple glance at the HydroBlend cartridge indicates when replacement is needed. Complete units include the flow-thru media delivery head, translucent high temperature sump housing, RSC-10-HW cartridge, stainless steel mounting bracket, and a filter wrench.
Unlike regular phosphates, HydroBlend is unaffected by high temperature water, enabling it to provide effective treatment for Booster Heaters and Commercial Dish Washing Machines.

  • Scale Prevention and Corrosion Control Providing Longer Equipment Life.
  • Less Water Related Service Calls Lowering Maintenance Costs.
  • Reduced Mineral Scale Deposits Lowering Operating Costs.
  • Obtaining Proper Rinse Temperatures Meeting Health Department Requirements.
  • For high temperature water applications up to 160º F.