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Pipe Fittings

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Pipe fittings join the pipes and tubing that make up your plumbing system. They adapt to applications of different shapes and sizes. Plumbing fittings are available in many variations, including a full range of imperial and metric-sized fittings, and in different chemical compositions like brass, nylon, and PVC. Beyond water and food use, most fittings are suited for water purification, plumbing, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.

Brass pipe fittings are preferred for their resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. PVC fittings are excellent options for home plumbing since they are versatile, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, and require no welding.

Uses for pipe fittings:

  • • To connect plumbing pipes
  • • To change direction of liquid, fluid, or gas flow
  • • To stop the flow of liquids, fluids, or gases

Types of pipe fittings:

  • • Couplings
  • • Elbows
  • • Tees
  • • Y-tees
  • • Unions
  • • Reducers
  • • Crosses
  • • Barbs

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