Here's How it Works:
Place your order online or on the phone with any of our Certified Water Specialists (Available Mon-Fri 8am-7pm EST and Sat 8:30am-4:30pm EST).
Choose the option to register for reFresh on your order confirmation page or from the confirmation email.
Answer a couple quick questions about the items, quantities, and dates you would like us to schedule for auto-delivery.
That’s it! We’ll deliver your order automatically on whatever schedule works for you.

Pay As You Go - There’s no obligation to continue and you can cancel or modify your schedule at any time on the subscription management page of the site, or by calling our help line @ 864-284-1801. You will only be charged when your order is shipped.

Free Returns - If we ever send your order in error or before you need it, we’ll happily accept it back, FREE of charge.

Heads Up - One week before we ship your order, we’ll send you a quick reminder note, including a link where you can easily change your order quantity, payment details, shipping method and more.

Cancel Anytime - If you need to discontinue your subscription, just log into your account or call our customer service department prior to your next scheduled order date - or when you receive your reminder email - to cancel at any time, no questions asked!

How will you know when it’s time to send my filter(s)?
Easy! Our recommended change frequency will be the default selection when you register for reFresh, but this can be further customized by you.

How will I know when my next order is on the way?
You can view/modify your delivery schedule in your account on the reFresh website. As the time approaches, we’ll send you a quick reminder that an order is coming up, and verify all your details. Unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll ship your order on schedule and send you a confirmation email.

Can I use reFresh on items other than filters?
Sure, lots of people do. reFresh can be used for any item on the website that you would like to receive automatically.

What if I move or change credit cards?
No problem, you can change these details at any time in your account, and we’ll send a courtesy reminder 1 week prior to shipping just to make sure.

What's in it for me? How do I know I'm getting a great deal?
With over 20,000 items listed at any given time, we make it our priority to keep pricing competitive and make sure we are always offering the best value, such as the convenience of the reFresh program.

What if a price goes down after I subscribe?
We’ll automatically update your subscription to reflect the lower price so you can rest assured you will continue to get the best value and service.

I’ve already received my order, can I still subscribe?
Yes, follow the reFresh Reorder link from your order history page in your account.