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Drinking Water Filtration Systems

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Drinking Water Filtration Systems for Your Home

Countertop Water Filter Systems

A countertop filter system filters water to provide fresh drinking water on demand, without installing a permanent filtration system. A countertop water dispenser sits on your counter and removes minerals, chemicals, and contaminants for refreshing drinking water. Simply attach the filtration system to any existing faucet for purified water at a rate of 0.5 gallons per minute.

Under-Sink Water Filter Systems

An under-sink water filtration system fits under your kitchen sink or counter to remove contaminants and provide your home with fresh drinking water. It reduces bad odor, bad taste, and chemicals for healthier drinking water using reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration. No need to wait for your gravity filter pitcher to clean your water—an under-sink system gives access to fresh water on demand.

Water Filtration Systems for Coolers

A water filtration system guarantees fresh drinking water from your home or office water cooler. Filtered water coolers are an effective, low-cost way to create great-tasting, clean water from your water cooler.

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