Refillable Water Filter Cartridges

A refillable water filter cartridge holds filter media that can be discarded and replenished without purchasing a new filter cartridge.

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Refillable water filter cartridges are an environmentally friendly alternative for water filtration systems. Refillable cartridges help prevent plastic waste filling up landfills. These filtration systems are ideal for residential, commercial, food service, or industrial applications. Refillable cartridges can hold a variety of media, including calcite for pH adjustment, activated carbon for taste and odor improvement, softening or mixed bed for ion exchange. When the media reaches maximum capacity, simply discard the old media and refill the cartridge with new media.

Refillable cartridge tank applications:

  • • Residential
  • • Commercial
  • • Industrial
  • • Food service
  • • Rental fleets
  • • DI exchange
  • • Plating solutions
  • • Metal finishing
  • • Oxidizing agents
  • • Corrosive fluids
  • • Water processing