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Maintaining the chemical balance in hot tub or spa water chemistry is crucial to keeping your hot tub or pool sanitary. Harmful organisms thrive in a warm, wet environment. Left untreated, these organisms build up, spreading disease and damaging your pool or spa. If the pH is not maintained at an appropriate level, chlorine will not effectively kill bacteria. Problems with water chemistry may cause plastic and metal parts in the tub's plumbing to corrode, eventually destroying the system. Pool chlorine test kits and pool pH test kits help you identify bad water in your pool or spa and treat it before damage occurs.

The accuracy of a water analysis is important to keeping your pool and spa water clean. We offer Pool Check® and eXact test kit products since they are less cumbersome than other testing supplies and provide accurate results fast. Our testing strips require no equipment to maintain and eliminate the need to handle and store dangerous liquid chemicals.

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