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Sanitizing Filters

Sanitizing filter cartridges are convenient tools to clean and maintain water system equipment. Sanitizing cartridges de-lime and de-scale water tank systems.
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Sanitizing filters are designed for use with a sanitizing kit to ease the process of tank sanitization. For best operation and system efficiency, sanitize the storage tank and assembly every 12 months or after a month of not using your device.


1. Turn feed supply OFF and empty RO tank via RO faucet.
2. Remove membrane cartridge.
3. Insert SaniSystem 0.25 oz solution into top part of sanitizing cartridge (ROSANIKIT includes syringe).
4. Turn feed supply ON to fill RO tank. Wait 5 minutes.
5. Turn feed supply and tank valve OFF. Open RO faucet briefly to relieve pressure.
6. Remove sanitizing cartridge and install membrane cartridge.
7. Remove post-filter (final cartridge) and install sanitizing cartridge.
8. Turn tank valve ON and open faucet to empty tank.
9. Close faucet and remove sanitizing cartridge and install new filters.
10. Turn feed supply ON.

CAUTION: RINSE BEFORE USE. Allow system to run 3 hours then open RO faucet to empty tank.