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Bottled Water Dispensers

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Bottled water dispensers pump purified water from a 5-gallon water bottle directly to applications like drinking water faucets, refrigerators, coffee makers, and ice makers. A bottled water dispenser uses a diaphragm pump to send water where you need it when no water line is available. This diaphragm pump uses compressed air to propel the water from one chamber to a faucet while another chamber fills.

The Flojet 5000 Bottled Water System

What's included:

  • • 20 ft. ¼ in. O.D. polyethylene tubing
  • • Compression nut and sleeve
  • • Module that automatically fills or dispenses
  • • Suction wand with hose that transports the water
  • • Wall power adapter that powers the pump
  • • Built-in backflow prevention so water doesn’t flow back into the water bottle
  • • Automatic shut-off during high temperatures

How does a bottled water dispenser work?

After initial installation, turn on the pump and fill a 2 ½ gallon container for 30 seconds to purge the air from the pump.

  1. The suction wand is inserted into a 3, 5, or 6-gallon water jug, which activates a float switch at the end of the wand and turns on the pump.
  2. The module automatically dispenses water from the jug into your tap or refrigerator.
  3. The float switch shuts off the pump whenever the jug is empty.

Make sure you sanitize your system with a household bleach solution 6 times per year. Do not run the system through the dishwasher.

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