Ceramic Water Filtration Systems

A ceramic filter system uses ceramic media to reduce sediment and bacteria for micro-biologically safe water. Portable ceramic filters are great for travel.

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A ceramic filter system is one of the oldest water filtration systems on the market. In the 19th century, the inventors of the Doulton brand discovered that filtering water through a porous ceramic media could stop cholera and other water-borne illnesses from spreading. Today, home ceramic filter systems provide clean drinking water at an economical price when compared to bottled water and other water filtration systems. Ceramic water filter systems install under your sink or on your countertop. Portable gravity-fed water filter systems are also available with ceramic filter media.

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Gravity Water Filter Systems

Gravity water filtration has been a trusted filtration method since the mid-1800s. Gravity filtration systems and water pitcher filters remove contaminants without electricity or plumbing at home or on the go. Gravity and water pitcher filters require no plumbing or electricity. These systems are compact and portable, making them a perfect choice for travel in boats and RVs, natural disasters, and apartments. Simply pour water into the top chamber and it will gravity feed through the filters into the bottom chamber where it can be dispensed for use. Gravity water filters require minimal maintenance. You can enjoy fresh water on a regular basis with a simple filter change once or twice a year.

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