SharkBite Fittings

SharkBite fittings feature a simple push-to-connect end, designed for plumbing efficiency and ease.

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SharkBite Push-to-Connect Fittings

SharkBite fittings have a unique push-fit design that securely joins two pieces of piping. When pipe is pushed into a SharkBite fitting, a ring of stainless steel teeth opens and grasps the pipe. The tube is then aligned by an o-ring protector before compressing the o-ring and reaching the tube stop. SharkBite push-to-connect fittings come equipped with a Tube Support Liner that guides PEX tubing and guarantees a tight seal. This liner can be removed if working with copper or CPVC.

We offer a variety of push-to connect fittings by SharkBite, ranging in size from 3/4" to 1" connections. This includes adapters, reducing stems, tees, couplings, and end stops for connections of varying size and thread type.

SharkBite Fitting Installation

To install a SharkBite fitting, simply:

  1. Cut the pipe and smooth jagged edges using SharkBite’s deburring tool.
  2. Mark the insertion depth on the pipe using the depth gauge on the deburring tool.
  3. Push the pipe until the fitting is flush with the insertion mark.

To remove SharkBite fittings, push the disconnect clip against the release collar, and twist the pipe out of the fitting.

We also offer fitting kits targeting specific installations and repairs. These provide you with specifically tailored components for your task. These include water filtration system installation, ice maker connection, and water heater installation. SharkBite is part of the RWC network, which also offers StreamLabs smart water monitors that alert you to plumbing problems in real time.

What makes SharkBite Fittings unique?

SharkBite is a groundbreaking plumbing systems manufacturer that brings innovation, versatility, and simplicity to both household and commercial plumbing. SharkBite’s flagship product, push-to-connect fittings, eliminate the need for exhausting installation or a costly call to the plumber and allow you to quickly and easily resolve plumbing issues in your own home.

Ease of Installation: SharkBite push-to-connect fittings establish secure and leak-free connections without requiring clamps, glues, propane torches, or tools of any kind. The fitting can also be rotated after installation, making SharkBite fittings optimal for working in tight and confined spaces. Simple installation also reduces the risk of error.

Time-Saving: Most home plumbing repairs require you to drain your plumbing before beginning. This process is both lengthy and frustrating. SharkBite fittings can be installed on wet lines, saving precious time, especially in the event of an emergency water leak. Using SharkBite fittings on copper saves you the time and labor of soldering pipes that are often in difficult to reach places. A SharkBite installation is friendlier to homeowners doing their own repair work because the resolutions are quick without sacrificing effectiveness.

Versatility: SharkBite fittings are fully compatible with any combination of copper, PEX, CPVC, PE-RT, and HDPE. Transition fittings are also offered for PVC and Polybutylene pipes. Furthermore, using the disconnect clip, the fittings can be removed, changed, and reused. SharkBite fittings are also approved to be used underground and behind walls.

Durability: Made entirely from lead free DZR brass, SharkBite fittings are designed for longevity and endurance. Brass will not rust and resists corrosion. The resiliency of brass also prevents cracking and disintegration. Brass fittings can also withstand higher temperatures and pressures than plastic fittings, making them ideal for home repairs like water heaters. This lead free material also guarantees the fitting will not compromise the safety or quality of your water.

This video explains how SharkBite fittings work.

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