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Aquatec Permeate Pumps

An Aquatec permeate pump improves water quality in a reverse osmosis system by increasing water pressure and reducing wastewater up to 85%.
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An Aquatec permeate pump increases the efficiency of your reverse osmosis system. This pump enhances the performance of the RO membrane and increases pressure and volume of water in the storage tank. Without a permeate pump, an RO system sends more wastewater down the drain and operates with less efficiency.

The permeate pump supports the RO membrane. To keep up with daily household demand, reverse osmosis membranes are capable of producing 35 or 50 gallons per day (gpd). However, these membranes only provide an average of 15 gpd because of back-pressure from the storage tank. A permeate pump allows the RO membrane to reach full capacity.

Permeate pumps are manufactured by Aquatec and can be installed on most under-sink reverse osmosis systems. The two styles of Aquatec permeate pumps differ in gallons of water produced per day (gpd). The Aquatec ERP-500 pump for residential use makes little to no noise. The ERP-1000 makes a slight thumping noise when running.

Aquatec does not recommend a shut-off valve with a permeate pump, but you may prefer one to minimize TDS creep. However, you will receive less water pressure from your faucet after adding an ASO valve.

Benefits of an Aquatec Permeate Pump

  • • Reduces wastewater by 85%
  • • Powered by brine and require no electricity
  • • Increases the life span of booster pumps and prefilters
  • • Increases RO tank fill time
  • • Improves water quality

Our Master Water Specialist explains how permeate pumps work in the video below.