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Everpure H-54 Drinking Water Filter System

Part Number: EVRQDIY-54
Alt. Part Number: EV9252-66
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The Everpure Compatible H-54 Drinking Water System is designed with unique Micro-Pure® technology to bring commercial grade filtration to your home. The Everpure H-54 reduces chlorine taste & odor, lead, cloudiness, mold, and algae while retaining vital minerals found naturally in water.
To ensure the crisp, clean taste of your water, filter cartridge replacements are recommended annually, when the system's rated capacity is reached, or when flow is diminished. When it is time to change the H-54 filter, order the Everpure EV9252-68 replacement cartridge.

We also sell the FCT-888-SC Faucet and the FCT-501-BN Faucet as kit options with this system.

Consumer Note & Included Components Comparison Chart:

Consumer Note: To ensure you get the best value, our water specialists here at Fresh Water Systems created the EVRQDIY-54 water filtration system as a cheaper alternative to the Everpure EV9252-66 system. We recommend the EVRQDIY-54, as it is backed by our specialists to provide you with safer drinking water at a lower price.

Please note that Fresh Water Systems has upgraded one of the fixed elbow fittings originally included with the QL3 head kit to a swivel elbow. This swivel allows more flexibility during installation and an easier install process. During installation, the male stem adapter is installed first to the inlet side of the head. Once the stem is tightened, a quick-connect elbow is installed to the stem and completes the swivel.

System Components EVRQDIY-54
QL3 Filter Head

H-54 Filter Cartridge

Fittings Kit

1/4" OD Tubing

Teflon Tape

Filter Timer

Sold Separately.
Use WM2000HCW

Faucet (FCT-888-SC)

Sold Separately or as Kit option

Faucet (FCT-501-BN)

Sold Separately or as Kit option

DISCLAIMER: The WM2000HCW filter timer does not measure water usage or filter capacity, it is purely a timer that will sound an alarm 6 months after installation. The recommended WM2000HCW water meter measures water consumption. Once capacity is reached, it will shut off the flow of water preventing the system from being used beyond capacity. Once you change the filter(s), simply reset the meter to restart the flow of water to the system.
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov