3M (Aqua Pure)

An Aqua-Pure under sink or whole house water filtration system or water cooler provides clean drinking water to your home or office. 

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3M Aqua-Pure® manufactures a wide selection of water filters and premium drinking water filtration systems. We supply filtration systems and parts from a wide range of 3M divisions, including Aqua-Pure®, 3M Purification, 3M Fluid Purification, 3M Water Filtration, and 3M Purification, Inc.

Now consolidated under 3M Water Purification Inc, Aqua-Pure filters are some of the most trusted and dependable water filters used by water filtration professionals, businesses, and homeowners. We carry a full line of Aqua-Pure filter replacements for whole house systems, drinking water systems, scale inhibitors, ice makers, and reverse osmosis systems. The Aqua-Pure® brand offers a complete line of water filtration and water treatment products to help provide you and your family with clean water. We offer replacement water filter cartridges and membranes for Aqua-Pure LP RO series systems, APRO 5000 replacement membranes and filters, and Aqua-Pure Easy Drinking water system quick change filters.