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Our collection of water dispenser and cooler accessories contains water bottle lids and straws, water cooler replacement parts, accessories and replacement parts for water chillers and instant hots, as well as disposable water cups and cup dispensers.

We offer three basic styles of water dispenser cups: paper cone cups, pleated paper cups, and clear plastic cups. Our biodegradable paper cone cups are ideal for use as Solo rolled rim cone cups and Igloo cooler cups. These 4.5oz cone cups also work as 4oz and 4.25oz replacement water cups. The 3.5oz paper rolled rim cups are used with water coolers, and the 3.25oz pleated cups are generally used as portion cups in the health-care (medicine) and food industry. Our clear plastic cups are made of translucent polystyrene plastic and offered in 5oz and 7oz capacities.

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