An Everpure water filter by Pentair provides fresh water for coffee and ice machines or soda fountains in restaurants and coffee shops or for home appliances.

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Who is Everpure?

Everpure offers 80 years of expertise in food service and residential filtration as the leader in the food and beverage industry. If you've ever had a Coke® at your favorite fast food restaurant, a meal on a trip with United Airlines®, a snack at Disney World®, or soup at Outback Steakhouse®, then you've tasted water from an Everpure water filter. Everpure sets the standard for water quality in restaurants and coffee shops.

Think of fresh water as another high-quality ingredient for your menu items. Contaminated or hard water can ruin the flavor of foods and beverages. Better taste from Everpure filtration means better business for you. Their filtration systems provide sparkling, clear water that improves the taste of your coffee, soups, and sodas and keeps your patrons coming back for more. Everpure also brings the same quality of fresh water to your home or office.

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What makes Everpure unique?

The media in an Everpure filter includes Micro-Pure technology that reduces harmful cysts and bacteria in water. The water filters reduce coloring, cloudiness, and bad chlorine, metallic, or earthy tastes and odors for refreshing drinks and delicious food. Everpure products also receive thorough testing and are NSF standards 42 and 53 and WQA certified to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emerging contaminants.

How does Everpure care for our planet?

Everpure is conscious of the impact their business has on the environment and make conservation a priority. They implement eco-friendly practices to meet or exceed environmental standards. They choose suppliers and manufacturing processes that help them produce zero waste. For over ten years, Everpure has remained 100% bottled water-free.

Everpure Commercial Water Filtration

Water filtration systems and water filters for:

  • • Coffee makers: Claris, QL2-OCS, or QL3-BH systems
  • • Espresso machines: Claris or SO-24 systems
  • • Iced tea: Claris systems
  • • Soda fountains: Coldrink systems
  • • Ice makers: Insurice systems
  • • Steam ovens: Claris or Kleesteam systems
  • • Combination applications: CSR Twin- MC2 systems

A complete Everpure filtration system includes the head or manifold that hold the cartridges that house the filters. Depending on your water flow rate, daily water demand, and the number of machines that need filtered water, you may need a twin, triple, or quad system.

The Coldrink reduces chlorine and bad tastes and odors. This filter prevents bacterial growth with Micro-Pure media and helps retain carbonation in fountain beverages.

The QL2 system reduces bad tastes and odors, contaminants, and bacterial growth with Micro-Pure media for rich coffee.

The SO-24 system softens water and reduces scale for smooth, flavorful espresso.

The Insurice removes dirt, chlorine, and scale for clear, cloudless ice.

The CSR-MC2 system increases efficiency by combining filtration for coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, ice, and fountain beverages.

The Kleensteam prevents corrosion from chlorine and scale for steam applications. The Hydroblend media reduces limescale formation.

The Claris gives clear iced tea or smooth espresso (with the ESO) using carbon filtration. This filter also softens water for steam applications without using salt or electricity.

Water softeners for:

  • • Espresso
  • • Reverse osmosis
  • • Laundry
  • • Foodservice
  • • Grocery
  • • Water heaters

Everpure Reverse Osmosis Systems

If total dissolved solids (TDS) are hindering the quality of your coffee, a reverse osmosis system will remove them. However, an RO system will remove minerals, like magnesium, that enhance your coffee flavor from water. The specific amount of mineral can be added back in. Test your water for TDS. If it measures over 300 ppm, then you should consider an Everpure reverse osmosis system, like the MRD-60HE- II. This system includes a permeate boost pump that increases the efficiency of the system.

Everpure Residential Water Filtration

Everpure filtration helps you get fresh water for delicious beverages and meals from a system under your sink with simple installation and water filter replacements.

  • • Water filtration systems
  • • Water softeners
  • • Water filters and filter cartridges

What do Everpure residential filters remove?

  • • Chlorine tastes and odors
  • • Cysts
  • • Lead
  • • Rust
  • • Scale
  • • Sediment

Low water flow from your tap or shower head may be a sign to replace your Everpure water filter cartridge. Replace your filter cartridge every 6 months to keep your water filtration system running efficiently and your water fresh.

Types of Everpure filtration systems for your home

H-300: This filtration system provides your home with commercial-quality water with the largest surface area for efficient filtration and longer lifespan.

H-104: This filtration system leaves beneficial minerals in your water but removes bad tastes and odors.

H-54: This filtration system prevents lime and scale build-up, providing additional equipment protection.

H-1200: This filtration system provides extra protection against MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl) and retains beneficial minerals.

PBS-400: This filter is designed for prep sinks, pot fillers, wet bars, or ice machines to remove cysts.

If you need an extra boost to your filtration system, add a water booster pump by Pentair’s Shurflo pumps.

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