What Makes Everpure a Great Brand?

Posted by John Woodard on July 03, 2019

Everpure water filters and filtration systems by Pentair are a popular choice for large restaurants and coffee shops, as well as homeowners. John Woodard, our Master Water Specialist, explains how Everpure has mastered the art of water filtration to provide products that meet specific food and beverage requirements.

Who is Everpure?

Everpure is one of the most well-known brands in water filtration for food service. Everpure offers water filtration systems for ice machines, beverage dispensers, coffee brewers, and espresso machines. Everpure brings restaurant-quality filtration to your home. Everpure products are recognized by their commercial grade stainless steel case.

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What types of products does Everpure manufacture?

Everpure manufactures filtration systems, water filter cartridges, reverse osmosis systems, and just about anything you could need for filtering water in food service.

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What makes Everpure filters high-quality and reliable?

Each Everpure cartridge is designed with a commercial-grade stainless steel case for durability. The cartridges come in configurations including sediment filtration, pre-coat plate technology, and carbon block filtration. They're made with antimicrobial material and anti-scale material, all succinctly engineered and packed into these cartridges.

What applications are Everpure products used for?

Just about anything you can imagine in food service to make coffee, espresso, ice, and steamed dishes. The best coffee or espresso requires a specific quality of water. Everpure makes cartridges so that you can filter the water to hit the target quality and provide the best tasting coffee and espresso to your customers. Some filter cartridges are formulated specifically for ice makers. You want to make sure all of the taste and odor elements are removed and have scale protection for your ice machine. You should not use scale protection on a beverage dispenser because it makes carbonation disappear. Everpure offers filtration options specifically for fountain beverages. 

Everpure is also a popular choice for homeowners. The Everpure H-300 filter is a popular choice. It has multiple layers including sub-micron sediment filtration, chlorine taste, and odor reduction, as well as scale control all packed into one cartridge.

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What makes Everpure unique?

Everpure has been supplied food and beverage filtration a long time, and they've turned filtration into a precise art form. They know the right combination of cartridges to provide the right water to your food service appliances. They also have figured out how to make water wonderful to drink or cook within the home.

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