Southeastern Filtration & Equipment Systems

Southeastern Filtration & Equipment Systems manufactures HydroBlend™, a drinking water additive that controls mineral scale deposits in plumbing systems.

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HydroBlend is NSF approved and works in plumbing and water-fed equipment. Unlike standard polyphosphates, HydroBlend™ is specifically formulated to work in high temperature and high hardness environments providing unparalleled mineral scale prevention and corrosion control.

HydroBlend™ protects equipment by the following processes:
HydroBlend binds with scale-causing minerals making them more soluble in water, thus reducing the chances of precipitation as hard mineral scale.
In the event that scale causing minerals do precipitate out of solution, HydroBlend prevents mineral scale accumulation by distorting the shape of the scale crystal, preventing the crystals from bonding together.
By combining with scale-causing minerals, HydroBlend provides corrosion control by forming a protective micro thin glass-like lining on wet surfaces acting as a deterrent to corrosion and scale.
Over time, HydroBlend will also help soften and remove existing mineral scale deposits.