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Who is DMfit?

Since 1987, DMfit has brought value to the plumbing market with their quality quick-connect fittings at low prices. The quick-connect design allows for efficient assembly with a unique oval collet design. DMfit fittings and valves non-toxic acetal, polypropylene, and brass bodies endure extreme temperatures and resist harsh chemicals.

What are DMfit fittings used for?

  • • Water purification
  • • Food and beverage systems
  • • Air and gas applications

DMfit valves include:

  • • Stop valve and slip tee valve adaptors for use with water filtration systems, refrigerators, and ice makers
  • • Control valves for light water and air applications
  • • Hand valves with a rugged, durable design
  • • Check valves with a compact design
  • • Stop valves for use with frequent tubing changes

DMfit fittings meet the standards of the US FDA, WRAS, ANSI/NSF-51 & 61, ACS, KTW and DVGW-W270.

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