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Since 1995, SeaTech has provided the best available fluid connection solutions. SeaTech's unique fittings, valves, manifolds, and tubing make plumbing water systems easy and greatly reduces installation time and labor costs. SeaTech fittings incorporate quick-connect technology that meets the ever-changing needs of water plumbing applications for homes, business, marine, RVs, and agricultural systems. SeaTech plumbing fittings and SeaTech connectors come in both standard inch and metric sizes. They provide OEMs and users with more options to solve fittings application issues. Only SeaTech's state of the art design allows a simple "snap" connection to plastic, CPVC, and copper tubing. SeaTech fittings are quickly and easily installed without any special tools, compression sleeves, nuts, adhesives, welding, clamps, or crimps of any kind.

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