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Watts is one of the largest manufacturers of water filtration systems, water filters, and pipe fittings for both residential and industrial applications.
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Watts products include check valves, ball valves, reverse osmosis membranes, and water filters for home and commercial use. We carry full Watts filtration systems including the popular Kwik Change ultrafiltration water system, the Watts five stage reverse osmosis system, and the R4x40 commercial RO system. In addition to many other options, we also offer replacement water filters and membranes for Watts systems.

Watts acquired Flowmatic in November 2003. Consequently, all Flowmatic filters, water filter systems, filter housings and components are now listed under our Watts category.

Watts Water Filter Housing

Watts water filter housings produce high-quality drinking water for your office or business. Stainless steel filter housings are designed for a number of applications and can handle high temperatures, high pressure, and aggressive chemicals. Non-metallic filter housings are a great alternative to the stainless steel options because they ensure chemical compatibility and sea water use and generally cost less.

Watts Marine Fittings

Watts marine fittings include thru-hulls, seacocks, ball valves, hose bibs, and supercoil hoses. Many of the marine fittings can be used above or below the water line.

  • • Pipe fittings made of 85-5-5-5 naval bronze
  • • Pipe fittings in sizes 1/2"" - 3""
  • • Pipe fittings to use above or below the water line

Watts Premier 531105 RO Pure Replacement Prefilter and Postfilter Kit

The Watts Premier RO Pure replacement prefilter and postfilter kit provides a complete one year supply of water filters for your reverse osmosis system. This kit includes the sediment and carbon prefilters and a carbon postfilter. The water filters feature media that reduces sediment, dirt, rust silt, chlorine, tastes, and odors from your drinking water. They also prepare your water for the reverse osmosis process, and condition it before and after it goes through the RO System.

  • Sediment 105311 Prefilter: Trap sediment and other particles such as dirt, silt, and rust for better looking and tasting water. Change every 6 months.
  • Carbon 105351 Prefilter: Active carbon removes chlorine and enhances taste. Conditions water to prepare for RO treatment. Change every 6 months.
  • GAC Carbon 105341 Postfilter:Granular activated carbon (GAC) further enhances flavor of water, while reducing chlorine and conditioning. Change every 12 months.