What Makes Sea Tech a Great Brand?

Posted by John Woodard on July 03, 2019

Sea Tech fittings by Watts are a great choice when building a water distribution system for your RV, sailboat, or yacht. John Woodard, our Master Water Specialist explains what Sea Tech fittings are used for and what makes them reliable. 

Who is Sea Tech?

Sea Tech is a brand of push-to-connect fittings. The CTS, or copper tube size, fittings are widely used with PEX tubing. PEX tubing is sized in the CTS, which means the size is based on the inner diameter (ID) of the tubing. Sea Tech fittings are larger in diameter and used for plumbing. Many Sea Tech fittings are used in the RV and the marine industry.

What Makes Sea Tech a Great Brand?

What fittings does Sea Tech manufacture?

Sea Tech fittings are made primarily to work with PEX, but they also work with CPVC or copper. They offer a range of fittings including, elbows, tees, connectors, and unions. Some of Sea Tech's most unique products are their manifold components used widely for RVs and boats because they piece together to create water distribution systems. In our opinion, Sea Tech creates manifolds better than anyone else.

What makes Sea Tech fittings high-quality and reliable?

A Sea Tech quick-connect fitting's simple design makes it effective. Sea Tech fittings are made up of a fitting body, an O-ring that creates the seal, and a collet that holds onto the tubing to keep it from pulling out of the fitting under pressure. As the tubing tries to come out of the fitting, the tighter the collet grabs into the tubing. Another feature of the Sea Tech design is a sleeve that sits down on top of the O-ring to protect it from a damaged or jagged tube. The little plastic shield keeps the O-ring from major damage.

What applications are Sea Tech fittings suitable for?

Sea Tech fittings are suitable for liquid handling. Be mindful of chemical compatibility. The majority of the Sea Techs are made out of polysulfone, which is resistant to most chemicals. Just make sure the material you're using us compatible with polysulfone.

seatech manifold

What's unique about Sea Tech fittings?

The manifold system distinguishes Sea Tech fittings from the rest. They make a variety of pieces and parts that connect together to create a distribution system, or manifold. Let's say we're putting together a system in a boat and have a number of cold and hot water dispensers in the galley or kitchen. The distribution system allows run hot water through a tube on one end and cold water from a tube on the other end. Sea Tech also makes clips to designate which of the valves you've assigned to hot water and which to cold. These fittings come in single or dual, based on the complexity of the system and how many outlets you need. You can run Sea Tech fittings in a straight line and as long as you separate the hot and cold ends.

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