5 Unique Characteristics of Fresh Water Systems Experts

Posted by Ana Kate Barker on July 03, 2019

People call Fresh Water Systems experts with a variety of questions: How can I get rid of the sulfur smell in water? Why does my water taste metallic? Which refrigerator replacement part should I buy? Some callers are water filtration experts, others have no idea where to start, but all have something in common—they want fresh water. Our water experts make solving your water quality concerns and providing the right solutions their primary goal. No matter your level of expertise or the scale of the problem, as our guest, you will receive attentive service from a physical Fresh Water Systems expert.

These attributes distinguish Fresh Water Systems experts as a resource with integrity.

1. Knowledgeable

Our fresh water experts serve as a resource for guests. The team works to create a culture of knowledge, and callers are often surprised by the level of expertise provided. We have certified master water specialists in house, and the team is trained to understand and explain water treatment. When a caller asks a question, and no one knows the answer, our experts research until they find one.

2. Engaged

In-house water experts are attentive to callers’ concerns while working with them to find solution. Finding the right water treatment involves two-way conversation. Understanding our guests’ needs is crucial. Team members listen carefully with concern, which may mean recommending a simpler solution with fewer purchases or sending guests to outside resources better equipped to handle the task at hand.  

3. Innovative

Our water experts are problem-solvers who embrace challenges. Whenever a water treatment solution is more complicated than expected, solving it becomes an art form, and Fresh Water System experts are masters. The team narrow down a caller’s concerns to understand the source of the problem and find an explanation. The problem may be solved different ways, but the puzzle is finding the most efficient solution.  

4. Helpful

Guests can expect straightforward answers from a caring team of water experts. Team members want to make sure the problem is solved using an effective solution. They see no need in feeding people excess information and filter their knowledge to fit the specific need. To them, knowing they’ve helped someone with a need is validating.

5. Passionate

Our water experts get excited about a guest’s satisfaction. John Woodard, our master water specialist, describes watching the team effectively take care of guests as “euphoric.” John says there’s a “high-five moment” when something recommended to a caller produces results.  Poor-quality water tastes bad, damages plumbing pipes, and may cause serious health effects, and the opportunity to provide usable water drives the team.

The Fresh Water Systems experts describe their work as “helping people make their water better.” The team believes this goal is not frivolous, but necessary.

Here's what our guests have to say about Fresh Water Systems experts:

"I'm new to ordering filters but Cindy was wonderfully helpful. She was fast, efficient, and friendly. Thank you for your lovely service."-- Matt

"I am only writing... to express my gratitude to you, for making these arrangements for us in such a straight-forward and compassionate manner. 'Your call is very important to us' way of doing business...sometimes I come to expect very little humanity in these transactions. But I am so moved by the way in which you have accommodated us."-- Peter & Victoria 

"I want to thank you personally for the way you handled my order and the speed at which it came. It was supposed to be here on Thursday and it arrived Tuesday and I have one installed already.  You and your company are rare, indeed."-- Kenneth 

"Thanks for Tracy for answering several questions on the phone today. She was pleasant and widely knowledgeable, and easily tailored her discussion to my needs and interests."-- Catherine 

"Thank you very much!  The way your company handled this situation was very professional. Not to many companies are left that handled problems like this."-- John 

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