Grundfos water pumps are used to boost low water pressure, remove waste, and transport pure drinking water to millions of users worldwide.

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Who is Grundfos?

A Grundfos pump provides people around the world with water in an efficient and dependable way. Grundfos water booster pumps are used many different applications, including residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural water systems. Grundfos is a world leader in effective, reliable, and energy-efficient pump solutions.

What makes Grundfos unique?

Grundfos sets the standards for excellence in the water pump industry. We love their passion for providing clean water to those in need and their commitment to caring for earth’s natural resources. The company takes initiative in caring for people and our planet.

Grundfos MQ Booster Pump

The Grundfos MQ is a compact, centrifugal pump designed for your personal residence or vacation home. This pump boosts water pressure from your water storage tank or the city water supply. An MQ system includes:

  • •The booster pump that boosts low water pressure
  • • A motor that moves the water to its intended location
  • • A diaphragm tank that stores pressurized water
  • • A pressure and flow sensor that recognizes when pressure is too low or high
  • • A controller that regulates starting and stopping
  • • A check valve that prevents backflow of pressurized water

Suitable liquids include:

  • • Drinking water
  • • Rainwater
  • • Other harmless, clean liquids

Benefits of the Grundfos MQ

No separate parts required: Accessories are included in the system, and the pressure tank is built into the pump.

No maintenance necessary: Plug the pump in, and it’s ready to go.

Self-priming: The pump is situated above the water source and is capable of lifting the water.

Automatic protection: The pump stops during dry run, leakage, or exposure to extremely high temperatures.

Quiet operation: The pump creates no noisy distractions, making it perfect for a home or office space.

How the MQ pump works

  1. When you turn on water, the pump starts.
  2. The water flows from the built-in pressure tank to its intended location.
  3. The check valve prevents backflow.

We offer the MQ3-45 and the MQ3-35. Both pumps come in either 115 or 230 volts. The 3 represents the flow rate, and the –35 or –45 gives you the maximum head pressure. These pumps include a control panel the indicates when your pump is running or on standby with green and red lights.

What you need to know before installing an MQ pump

Water pressure: the booster pump system handles pressure up to 109 psi. This number includes the inlet pressure, which can withstand up to 40 psi.

Height of water lift: The pump can suction water up 26 ft.

Liquid temperature: The range should remain within 32 to 95°F or 0 to 35°C.

Watch this video for more information on Grundfos booster pumps.