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A Davey pump boosts low water pressure, delivers water on demand, and increases low water flow in your home, office, coffee shop, or convenience store.
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Who is Davey?

Davey manufactures booster pumps to increase water pressure in residential and light commercial applications. The dependability of Davey pumps has given the Australian-based company worldwide recognition. Davey booster pumps are centrifugal pumps that use spinning impellers to move water and increase pressure. Many of these pumps come with Torrium 2 technology, referred to as a “built-in brain” that regulates and monitors water flow and pressure.

What are Davey pumps used for?

  • • Too boost low water pressure to faucets and fixtures
  • • To increase pressure from a well or another underground or surface water source
  • • To transfer water

Where are Davey pumps used?

  • • Convenience stores
  • • Coffee shops
  • • Gas stations
  • • Small and large homes
  • • Yachts
  • • Irrigation

Davey BT Series with Torrium 2


  • BT: controller or switch (Torrium 2)
  • 14: flow in gallons per minute (gpm)
  • 45: pressure in pounds per square inch (psi)

How to know which booster pump you need?

  • • What is your incoming water pressure? A pressure gauge will help you measure.
  • • Where is your water coming from? Are you on public or private water supply?
  • • How many stories does your home or building have? The larger your home, the greater the boost of pressure you’ll need since 1 psi is lost with every 1.3 feet added. Larger homes have more plumbing, and multi-story homes require a greater lift.
  • • What’s your maximum water flow rate? How many showers and other fixtures could you have on at a time? Learn how to determine flow rate.
  • • What’s your demand? How much more pressure do you need? The more pressure needed, the more flow required.

What makes Davey pumps unique? The Torrium 2

The Torrium 2 is a pressure controller with a special computer chip, or “built-in brain.” This controller monitors water pressure to protect your pump from high temperatures, dry running, and strong electrical currents. The controller prevents the pump from cycling off and on with any decrease in pressure. Its “brain” allows it to distinguish between normal demand and a small leak. Here’s how it works:

If no water is detected for 20-30 seconds, the Torrium 2 tells the pump to shut off to protect from dry-running. Before the Torrium 2 shuts off, it measures the water pressure. When the pump isn’t running, it rests at static shut-off pressure. When the Torrium 2 senses a 20% pressure loss, it activates the booster pump. The controller also activates the pump if incoming water pressure changes.

If your water pressure is low in the morning because a lot of people are using the city water supply to shower, the Torrium 2 will signal the pump to turn on and boost your pressure. The communication between the controller and pump is so seamless that you won’t recognize the pump activating, even if the pressure changes while you’re in the middle of a shower.

The Davey Speedman

The Speedman pump is designed to supply constant water pressure to your home or business. If only one faucet is on, the Speedman only supplies as much pressure as is required, no matter the incoming water pressure. It’s cost-efficient and energy-saving since it matches motor speed to meet demand. Impellers are mounted directly on the motor shaft for optimal performance.

Benefits of a Davey Pump

  • • Great for whole house
  • • Larger pathways allow for added pressure without using more energy
  • • Comes with a built-in spring-loaded check valve
  • • Comes with a built-in pressure tank; no external tank required
  • • Water leak detection
  • • Protection from power surges
  • • Made from rust-proof stainless steel
  • • Little Maintenace needed; made with no moving parts so nothing can jam
  • • Easy to install
  • • Quiet
  • • Reliable with high volumes
  • • Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel

Installing a Davey Booster Pump

Davey pumps are easy to install. You can adjust the direction of the discharge port 360°. You can install two B-series pumps parallel to one another for greater water flow. This turns a pump with 20 gpm a pump system with 40 gpm and doubles the volume of water produced. Davey booster pumps are fitted with a rotary coupling sealed with an O-ring, so do not use Teflon tape to seal. These pumps connect to PVC or polythene pipes.

Other Installation Tips

  • • Check the parameters of the temperature and pressure valve on your water heater before installing a booster pump. If 75 psi is the maximum pressure of the heater, and you introduce water at a greater psi, then the water heater could leak or explode.
  • • Make sure you have an expansion tank off your water heater. When water is heated, it expands. This could cause your water pressure to continue increasing even when your pump is off.
  • • If you have too much incoming water pressure, you may need a pressure regulator.

The Control Panel

Red: standby

Green: running

Yellow: fault condition