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Fresh Water Systems offers several Matala Geyser water flow pumps with different flow rates to best fit your application.
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Geyser Flow series pumps fit a variety of applications such as waterfall, fountain, garden spraying, raw water pumping, irrigation, and sump pit handling applications. Users often replace their worn out Aquascape pumps with durable and reliable Matala pumps.

Matala Geyser Hi-Flow Submersible Pumps are designed for high flow applications such as large waterfalls, fountains, garden spraying, irrigation, discharging water from farmland, ponds, rainwater, sump pits, and washed water handling. Many users replace their worn out Aquascape pumps with durable and long-lasting Matala pumps.

Matala VersiFlow Series Pumps are able to be used both horizontally and vertically, and are designed for use in skimmers. These heavy and continuous duty, non-clogging vortex type pumps are perfect for waterfall, fountain, pond and garden spraying, as well as sump pits or waste water handling.
How to Size Your Pond or Waterfall Pump:

The first thing to consider when choosing a pond or waterfall pump is how the pump will be used. Pumps often run a waterfall or fountain or to circulate water through a filter.
Then, determine the volume of water the pump can move per hour for the application. Here are some guidelines that will help to determine the volume:
Fountains: 100 gph per inch of stream width at the top of your fountain
Filtration: Flow rate