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Stenner pumps and motor service kits help your Stenner pumps and motors run efficiently. The service ensure that your Stenner pumps and motors stay lubricated and effective as they wears over time.

Stenner manufactures a wide variety of pump types, including AutoDose chemical dosing pumps, peristaltic pumps, and classic Stenner motors made for easy installation onto your Stenner Pump for feed rate control. Stenner Pumps are designed to ensure quick and easy installation of replacement parts. All major pump components are secured by stainless locking rivets, allowing the units to be disassembled quickly without tools. These replacement parts are genuine, high quality Stenner products.

Stenner water meters are extremely durable and dependable yet inexpensive. The plastic and stainless steel water meters contain a reed switch that provides a pulsing dry contact signal. The purpose of the signal actuates the pump to dose according to the water volume. Stenner water meters are certified by the WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 372 for low-lead content. A Stenner check valve prevents backflow into the resin tank, ensuring no potential damage to your Stenner pump parts.

SVP Series Pumps: ideal for industrial applications and  municipal and wastewater treatment facilities.

Econ FX Pumps: ideal for light duty applications in swimming pools, food & beverage, metal finishing, irrigation, horticulture, and more. They offer reliable dosing and consistent output productivity. The patented quick release pump head includes a solid, one piece tube construction.

Stenner S-Series Pump: manufactured for reliable and accurate dosing of liquid solutions. Applications include disinfection, pH adjustment, iron stain removal, animal health, corrosion, and scale control.

Stenner Econ Stennicator Pump: manufactured for applications such as water quality adjustment and livestock water treatment. The Stennicator injects straight into the water line, bypassing flow restrictors, setting it above other medicators on the market.

Stenner Econ FP Pumps: manufactured for applications such as pH adjustment and light-duty water treatment. The FP Series pumps are programmable to accept an input signal from any control equipment that responds to water flow. Perfect for injecting nutrients into drinking water or disinfecting your home's water lines.

Stenner Classic Series Pumps: manufactured for extended pump life and exceptional reliability. The single head pumps feature adjustable or fixed outputs for manual setting or a constant pump rate. All Stenner pumps have a 3-point roller design which prevents back flow and siphoning, eliminating the need for a check valve.

Stenner Classic Series Motor: snaps on to the feed rate control for the Adjustable Classic Pumps without the use of any tools.

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