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A DURO Titan sump pump transports flood water from a home basement to a drain or dry well once activated by a float switch.
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DURO brand products are made with integrity for long life and durability. A sump pump is vital if your home has issues with flooding, or if part of your home is below the water table. The Titan submersible sump pump helps against flooding problems, such as check valves and water alarm systems. Duro pumps allow you to be be a step-ahead when your home floods.

How a Titan sump pump works

Submersible sump pumps are activated by a float switch. When the water in the sump basin reaches a certain level the float will activate the pump. When the water level comes back down, the float switch will turn the pump off.

  1. The sump pump float hangs from the pump and rests on top of the water
  2. As the water level rises, so does the float which will activate the pump
  3. When the float reaches the maximum appointed level, the pump activates to remove the water
  4. The pump will continue to run until the water level lowers to the minimal appointed level
  5. The submersible pump will shut off when the float again rests at the minimal appointed level