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Water Booster Pumps

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Water booster pumps increase water pressure at each point-of-entry in your home where low water pressure is an issue. We offer commercial and residential booster pumps at affordable prices. Homes with low incoming municipal water supply pressure or highly fluctuating water pressure benefit from water booster pumps.

Booster pumps are used in applications where the normal water pressure feeding a system is low and needs to be increased-- where you want to boost water pressure. The typical reverse osmosis system requires at least 50 psi feeding the system in order to function properly. If the water pressure feeding an RO system is less than 50 psi, the system will produce less water and at a lower quality.

A water pressure booster is designed specifically for increasing the water pressure (boost water pressure) to pre-water treatment (RO boost) applications. Most booster pumps require a pressure switch and transformer.

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