Rusco Sediment Filters

Rusco Sediment Filter Systems

Fresh Water Systems offers a wide selection of Rusco sediment filters and Rusco filter systems. Our Rusco products include sediment trapper filters, spin down filters, Rusco filter accessories, and a line of Rusco sediment filters for high temperature, hot water applications. Some models of Rusco Spin Downs and Sediment Trappers are available with the combo style head, which allows you the flexibility to select from either a horizontal or vertical outlet as opposed to the standard T style head that has only a horizontal outlet.


Rusco Spin-Down Filter SystemsRusco Spin-Down Filter Systems
Reusable sediment filter for very fine sediment or particulates that can be flushed periodically. T or Combo Style
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Rusco Sediment Trapper Filter SystemsRusco Sediment Trapper Filter Systems
Reusable sediment filter for medium sized sediment or particulate that can be periodically flushed. T or Combo Style.
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Rusco Hot Water Spin-Down & Sediment Trapper FiltersRusco Hot Water Spin-Down & Sediment Trapper Filters
Hot water sediment filters for water up to 200º F. Can be utilized after the water heater to capture scale flakes.
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Rusco Sediment Filter Systems

Want to learn more about Rusco Sediment Filter Systems? Watch our online Rusco video that outlines the different types, applications, and tips when using Rusco Spin Down and Sediment Trapper Filter Systems.

How to Select the Right Rusco System Screen Size

How to choose the right Rusco Filter Screen Size

Rusco Spin Down Sediment Filters Information
Rusco Spin Down Sediment Filters Installation Manual