Parker LIQUIfit fittings use push-to-connect technology to transfer liquids for filtration systems while helping the environment with an eco-friendly design.

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Who is Parker?

Parker is the inventor of the push-to-connect fitting with over 40 years of experience. These fittings are used with polyethylene and polypropylene tubing and include a variety of thread types and pressure ranges.

What makes Parker LIQUIfit fittings unique?

Parker's LIQUIfit series provides leak-free, push-to-connect fittings made from eco-friendly polymer. This bio-based material comes from renewable castor seeds.

What are LIQUIfit fittings used for?

  • • Water purification
  • • Water dispensers
  • • Beverage dispensers
  • • Water cooling systems
  • • Food processing

Benefits of Parker LIQUIFit Fittings

  • • Most compact profile on the market
  • • More durable than acetal fittings
  • • More chemically resistant than polypropylene fittings
  • • NSF certified for the highest temperature rating (180°F)
  • • No locking clips necessary
  • • D-ring design with more contact area than a traditional O-ring for a stronger water-tight seal
  • • NPTF threads designed for enough crushing of entire thread form to produce a mechanical seal

Parker fittings for tubing are constructed with FDA-compliant materials and are listed as NSF-51 certified as safe for use with food.

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