Viqua water purification reduces bacteria in water by 99.99% using UV light. A UV water purifier treats water delivered to your home or business. 

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Viqua UV systems use a UV lamp to sterilize water in residential and commercial applications. Viqua ultraviolet water treatment is highly effective because of its high-output germicidal UV lamps and 304 or 316 stainless steel reactor chambers. The Viqua UV lamps provide an economical way of treating water to reduce bacteria and viruses. UV disinfection is accomplished without adding any potentially harmful chemicals to your drinking water.

The Viqua Sterilight Silver Series is a compact line of ultraviolet water purifiers suited for point-of-use filtration, reverse osmosis, pre or post-disinfection, or with other applications requiring application flexibility. The Viqua Sterilight Cobalt Series is ideal for commercial and industrial point of entry applications with high flow rates and constant flow demands for UV treated water.

CAUTION: Bare skin contact with the quartz envelope must be avoided. Compounds from the skin when heated on lamps operating at 600 to 850˚C will form permanent etching (devitrification) on the quartz surface, decreasing UV energy transmission. A contaminated lamp eventually will overheat causing premature failure. Alcohol wipes and rubber gloves are included with every purchase of a quartz sleeve or lamp.

NOTE: In case of contact with bare skin, decontaminate lamp with alcohol wipe before returning to use. Please wear gloves when handling UV lamps and quartz sleeves, as compounds from skin will decrease UV energy transmission once the lamp is heated and may lead to premature failure.