Chromium in Water

Use this interactive map provided by the EWG to see if your county's water supply has high levels of Chromium-6.

Industrial pollution can lead to harmful amounts of Chromium-6 in our water.

Chromium is a tasteless, odorless, naturally occurring element in rocks, plants, soil and volcanic dust. The most common forms of chromium in the environment are trivalent (chromium-3), hexavalent (chromium-6), and the metal form, chromium-0. Chromium-3 occurs naturally in many vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, and yeast; this type is actually a healthful one that humans require.

Chromium-6 is used in industrial processes, and finding it in drinking water is generally a sign of pollution from steel and pulp mills or from the erosion of natural deposits. At many industrial plants, chromium compounds have been released into groundwater through leakage, poor storage, or improper disposal practices.


Chromium-6 is known as a human carcinogen via inhalation.

Ingesting chromium-6 over a period of years can also lead to skin damage. Now, recent studies of chromium-6 in drinking water have shown that it raises the risk of internal tumors and organ cancer.

The EPA regulates chromium-6 as part of the total chromium drinking water standard. This means it doesn't distinguish what percentage of the total chromium is chromium-6 and what is the harmless chromium-3. The current EPA standard is set at 0.1 mg/L. However, with all of the new research that has discovered the dangerous health effects of this toxic water contaminant, other agencies recommend more regulations on chromium-6.

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Don't let your family's safety wait any longer - remove this toxin now!

The EPA has been in the process of changing the nationwide regulations on chromium-6 for more than five years! Why wait for a solution any longer? Because there is no legal limit for Chromium-6 in water, there's no guarantee that bottled water will be contaminant-free either. Fortunately, we have solutions.

Although water distillers and some ceramic water filter systems are effective home drinking water filtration solutions for Chromium-6, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) recommends using a Reverse Osmosis System. Not only is a home RO water filter the best way to remove Chromium-6 from tap water, they can last at least a decade, bringing the cost down to as little as $5 per month!


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Chromium Water Contamination in the News

In September 2016 a new study conducted indicated that chromium water contamination is more wide spread than first believed. The report points out an estimated 218 million Americans have dangerous levels of chromium-6 in their in there homes tap water.

The study also indicated Arizona, California, and Oklahoma had the highest average statewide levels above the 0.02 ppb outlined in California's public health goal. Also in the study, Phoenix had the highest average level at almost 400 times this health goal! St. Louis County, Houston, Los Angeles, Suffolk County, and New York also had relatively high chromium-6 levels.

Use this interactive map provided by the EWG to see if your county's water supply has high levels of Chromium-6.

Information provided by the Environmental Working Group (

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