Why is a reverse osmosis system important for water treatment?

We asked John Woodard, our certified Master Water Specialist, to give us some insight on how a reverse osmosis (RO) system can benefit you and your family. Here are six things to consider when selecting an RO system.

Do you need a reverse osmosis system?

First, think about whether or not you need reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis systems are great at getting rid of dissolved inorganics, including arsenic and fluoride. But for contaminants like chlorine and taste and odor issues, you may not need a system quite as extensive.

What to consider when selecting an RO system

1. Water Source

The water that comes into your house is going to feed the reverse osmosis system. City water or municipally treated water is going to be relatively free of chemicals and bacteria, but it's going to have a level of inorganic dissolved solids. A reverse osmosis system will do a great job reducing these contaminants. If you're on a private well, there's potential for harmful pathogens and chemicals. Reverse osmosis is a great choice as part of a whole-house treatment system.

2. Water Pressure

Reverse osmosis needs water pressure to function properly. If your household pressure is below 40 psi, you're going to need to add pressure with a booster pump. If you're on well water supply, make sure your tank’s water pressure is set high enough for the system to work. The level of dissolved solids in your water could also affect how pressure makes reverse osmosis work.

3. Water Demand

You need to consider how much water you and your family are going to use. Every person, according to nutritionists, should drink half their weight in ounces every day. So, if you're 160 pounds, you should be drinking 80 ounces of water per day. That, combined with things like ice machines, refrigerators, and all your other water-using appliances, must be accounted for. The water that you use should be high-quality, like what you're going to get from a reverse osmosis system.

4. Budget

How much is it going to cost you to purchase the system, and how much is it going to cost for installation, especially if you hire someone to do it for you? These factors may affect which RO system you use or whether you use one at all. Another thing to consider is on-going maintenance cost. How much does it cost to replace the filters in the membrane on an annual and bi-annual basis? That depends on your style of RO system.

5. RO Style

Some RO units are what we call quick-change. These filters are very easy to remove. Simply turn the filter and pull, and it will come off. Then, you take the new filter and turn it in the opposite direction from which you took it off to replace the old one. This process is easy enough for anyone to handle. The downside to a quick-change filter is that they are a little more expensive than their counterpart. The other unit is made up of a traditional housing with a filter inside. You unscrew the housing, throw the cartridge away, put a new cartridge in, and put the housing back in its place. This style tends to be a more environmentally friendly choice.

6. Installation

RO systems require a dedicated faucet and a drain connection. Any appliance that you hook up to the feed supply and drain supply will need an additional component to prevent backflow of the drain water. An air gap faucet on a reverse osmosis system will prevent backflow. The air gap will allow the drain water to pass through the body of the faucet and keep it from returning to the RO treated water. If the installation is impossible for you, like in an apartment or rental home, this product will not be beneficial to you.

Check out our supply of RO systems

Reverse osmosis systems do a great job at getting rid of crucial contaminants, as well as dissolved inorganic minerals that can be harmful. Fresh Water Systems is a provider of reverse osmosis systems across the country in places like Texas, California, and the greater Mid-West. If you are looking for a more effective water treatment system to apply to your home or office, check out our reverse osmosis systems.

If you need more info, reach out to our team at or by phone 864-284-1801 and we can help you narrow down the perfect system for you!


  • My experience with Fresh Water and particular with its Technical Sales Manager John Woodard were excellent, services hard to come by these days. John patiently wrote me at least 5 emails, in his attempt to help me solve problems with my Reverse Osmosis system. He pro-actively stopped my order when he thought that I had ordered the wrong spare part, and made sure I got the right part. Excellent services and I can certainly recommend their business, without hesitation.

    Johan on

  • John Woodard was helpful, knowledgeable and patient. Their reverse osmosis filtering system is excellent. I bought from Freshwater Systems for approximately ten years and their products and systems are top quality.

    Barb on

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