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Our food and beverage water filtration systems include coffee, tea, and espresso systems, soda fountain systems, ice machine and refrigerator applications, and steam systems. Ice and coffee filters enhance the flavor of food and drinks and extend the life of your restaurant equipment.

Benefits of restaurant water filtration

Quality filtration is a vital investment for any restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. Water filters ensure that your water, food, ice, and beverages are not only contaminant-free but also tasty. We offer food service filtration systems that filter mineral deposits, scale, sediment, and other impurities from your water and equipment. These water filters also remove chlorine taste and odor from your ice and beverages.

When you use filtered water to wash your dishes, scale buildup and spots are eliminated. Water filters protect expensive food service equipment from residue other damage. Ice machines, steamers, combi ovens, soda fountains, and coffee machines with mineral buildup run less efficiently and break down sooner without commercial filters.

Why investing in water filtration is vital to successful business

If you run a coffee shop or restaurant and overlook the importance of water filtration, the consequences could eat into your profits. Below are all the elements of your commercial business that can be negatively affected by poor water quality or positively impacted by proper filtration. 

  • Food service:  A water filtration system for your food steamer or combi oven prevents unwanted buildup of sediment, cysts, lime, calcium, and chlorine, taste and odor. This will save you money by increases the life and efficiency of your machinery. In fact, not having a pure water may void the warranty on your equipment. Shop CostGuard filter housings and sediment filters.
  • Fountain Beverages: Did you know that a fountain drink is 87% water? This means that no amount of syrup will mask poor water quality. Also, hard water causes blockage in your equipment, reducing its life and efficiency and leading to maintenance costs and reduced profits.
  • Coffee, Tea, and Espresso Water Filters: A water filter system in your coffee maker or espresso machine will get rid of minerals, sediment, and other impurities. Coffee made in dirty decanters, makers, or air pots tastes bitter and customers notice. Shop Everpure inline filters and microbiological purifiers.
  • Ice Machines: Ice made from filtered water is cleaner and crisper, leading to better tasting drinks. Unfiltered water can cause mineral buildup in your ice machine, leading to not only shorter equipment life and voided warranties, but also nasty flavors that will ruin your drinks. Shop our Ice Wand.

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