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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Commercial and Residential Reverse Osmosis SystemsReverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the most popular methods for effective home water purification due to its ability to deliver bottled-water levels of safety and taste. In fact, the leading bottled-water companies actually use large-scale RO to produce their water. So instead of wasting money on plastic bottles that pollute the environment, consider a cost-effective RO system that removes over 99% of dissolved minerals, chlorine and contaminants down to sub-microscopic levels. You’ll enjoy crystal clear water for drinking, cooking, and drink mixing that tastes great. Learn more about how reverse osmosis works and its benefits.

Featured Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pura Deluxe QCRO 4 Stage Quick Change Reverse Osmosis System

  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Interchangeable filters for system customization
  • Affordable quick change replacement cartridges 

Pentair Water RO-2550 4-Stage RO System with Permeate Pump Retrofit Kit

  • Permeate pump increases system efficiency
  • Retrofit system can be used with your existing tank
  • Provides great tasting water for drinking and cooking 

Quick Change Cartridge RO Systems

Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Systems help to eliminate the mess associated with traditional RO system filter changes. With traditional RO systems, users have to unscrew a sump and remove a wet, dirty filter. Quick change cartridges only require a simple twist of the cartridge to remove! The valved manifold shuts off water flow during filter changes and the encapsulated cartridges virtually eliminate any need for clean-up.

940465 PURA Deluxe QCRO 4 Stage Quick Change Reverse Osmosis System
531411 Watts Premier 531411 RO Pure RO-4 Reverse Osmosis System 50 gpd
04-04506 Water Factory Systems SQC3 HF Reverse Osmosis System
04-06325 Water Factory Systems SQC4 Reverse Osmosis System

Traditional RO Systems

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most popular and effective ways to obtain "bottled-water" quality water in your home at an affordable price. Traditional RO Systems use cost effective drop-in cartridges and membranes to remove over 99% of dissolved minerals, chlorine and contaminants. Fresh Water Systems offers a wide range of reverse osmosis systems to better fit your specific application.

161079 Pentek RO-2550 4-Stage 50 GPD NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis System
GTS-550S Watts Flowmatic 50 GPD 5 Stage RO System GTS-550
FMRO5-MT-AG Watts Flowmatic FMR05-MT-AG 5 Stage RO System 50 GPD

RO System Retrofit Manifolds

Reverse osmosis manifolds are a great option for users who are looking for an inexpensive way to update their RO system. This option saves users money by allowing them to use their existing faucet, tank, and tubing, while providing them with an upgraded system. RO systems become discontinued, and replacement cartridges can become expensive and difficult to find. Solve these issues by installing a new manifold with affordable, easy to find replacement cartridges. Fresh Water Systems offers a variety of retrofit manifolds to best fit your application.

WQT4RO11-50X Watts WQT4RO11-50X RO Manifold with Filters and 50 gpd Membrane
ZWKIT Watts Zero Waste Retrofit Kit

RO Systems for Low Pressure Applications

In order for your reverse osmosis system to operate effectively, attaining certain level of incoming water pressure is necessary. The typical RO system requires incoming pressure to be at least 50 psi for the system to function properly. Without this level of incoming feed pressure, the system will produce less water at a lower quality. The solution for this issue is to use an RO system that incorporates a booster pump to raise your incoming feed pressure. This ensures that your system will function properly and efficiently.

04-08201 Water Factory Systems 04-08201 SQC Pro Reverse Osmosis System
04-082U Water Factory Systems 04-082U SQC Pro RO System Unit Only
06-919002 Water Factory Systems 06-919002 SQC Pro C-80 RO System Unit Only

RO Systems with Permeate Pumps

As the holding tank gets close to being full, the quality of the water produced by the system begins to diminish, as well as sending more water down the drain due to the increasing back pressure from the holding tank. When a permeate pump is installed, the RO membrane is isolated from this back pressure and allows the RO membrane to operate with up to 85% of the incoming water pressure, even when the holding tank is nearly full. This dramatically improves the efficiency of the membrane and overall quality of your water, as well as increasing the pressure and related volume of stored water in the holding tank.

161079-ERP-KIT Pentek RO-2550 4-Stage 50 GPD RO System w/Permeate Pump Kit

Faucet Mount RO Systems

In areas with little-to-no storage space, such as RVs, college dorms, apartments, and offices, traditional reverse osmosis systems may not be an option. Faucet mounted RO systems are compact, economically priced, and easy to install and remove. The systems do not require any permanent plumbing connections and require no tools for installation. The faucet mount solution is perfect for users with space concerns who still desire high quality RO water.

104210 Nimbus WaterMaker Mini RO System

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

How permeate pump worksReverse osmosis water filter systems (RO Systems) have become a common method for the treatment of household tap and drinking water. This water treatment process filters undesirable materials from water by using pressure to force the water molecules through a semi permeable reverse osmosis membrane. RO Systems, or reverse osmosis filters, water treatment removes ionized salts, colloids, and organic molecules down to a molecular weight of 100. 

Fresh Water Systems offers a full line of reverse osmosis systems from Water Factory Systems, Watts, Pura and more. Our RO drinking water systems are designed for point-of-use residential water quality improvement.

The Environmental Working Group just released a report on December 20, 2010 that Hexavalent Chromium or Chromium-6 has been found in 31 of 35 U.S. cities. The highest levels were detected in Norman, OK; Honolulu, HI; and Riverside, CA. Awareness of the presence of Chromium-6 was brought to the spotlight through the feature film "Erin Brockovich" starring Julia Roberts.

The best way to remove Chromium-6 from tap water at home is with a reverse osmosis system or a water distiller. There is no legal limit for Chromium-6 in either tap water or bottled water, so ensure your safety by utilizing a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Chromium-6 in U.S. Tap Water