AP Easy Full Flow

AquaPure AP Easy Flo Replacement Water Filters

The 3M Aqua Pure AP Easy Full Flow Drinking Water System is a popular home water filtration systems for people with a larger demand for water. In contrast, the standard AP Easy Drinking Water systems offer .5 gpm flow rate where as the AP Easy Full Flow features a water flow rate of 2.0 gpm. The 3M AquaPure Easy Full Flow is a under sink drinking water filtration system with a compact design and that it does not require a water holding tank. Furthermore, replacement water filters for the AP Easy Full Flow Drinking Water System feature a sanitary Quick Change (SQC) Design helps prevent spill, and other messy problems without types of systems cartridge change-out.
The Aqua Pure AP Easy Full Flow Drinking Water Systems have the 3/8" OD Quick Connect Fittings on the inlet and outlet and filters all the cold water at your kitchen sink. NOTE: Not compatible with Whirlpool UltraEase models WHCF-SUFC, and WHCF-SUF.

Aqua Pure 3M AP Easy Full Flow Water Filters

Aqua Pure Easy Full Flow Replacement Filter
Chlorine, Taste, Odor, & Scale
 Cyst Flow Rate Capacity
YES NO 2 gpm
2,000 gal.
YES YES 2 gpm
2,000 gal.

MSRP: $61.88
MSRP: $143.12