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Neo-Pure NP-1SG Seagull® RS-1SG Compatible Replacement Cartridge

Part Number: NP-1SG
Alt. Part Number: RS-1SG(CA)
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The Neo-Pure NP-1SG filter cartridge is a sub-micron filter with electrokinetic attraction to reduce harmful heavy metals like lead and mercury, as well as microorganisms like giardia and cryptosporidium for 6 to 12 months. The NP-1SG Seagull Compatible Replacement Cartridges has a high flow rate with built-in flow restrictor to ensure proper contact time with the coconut shell carbon block media. The blue caps are thermally bonded to the filter instead of glued for superior construction.


  • Eco-Friendly. All components of this filter are 100% recyclable and made through an environmentally conscious process
  • Contaminant Reducer. This filter reduces sediment, dirt, rust, lead, mercury, chloramine, chlorine, taste, odor, turbidity, cysts and VOCs.
  • Cartridge Replacement. The Neo-Pure NP-1SG filter cartridge is compatible with the following General Ecology Seagull® IV systems and cartridges.
  • Systems: X-1, X-1F, X-1B, X-1D, X-1P
  • Cartridge:RS-1SG, RS-1SG (CA), RS-1SGH

Consumer Alert: The Neo-Pure NP-1SG now includes a built-in 0.75 gpm flow restrictor to ensure proper contact time with the media. Without an adequate flow restrictor, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself and your family to harmful contaminants.
To maximize the efficency of your filter cartridge with your Seagull IV X-1 system, install the Neo-Pure NP-1SG Compatible Replacement Cartridge which includes a built-in 0.75 gpm flow restrictor.

DISCLAIMER: General Ecology, Inc® is a registered owner of the trademark Seagull®. This replacement product is not manufactured, endorsed, or approved by General Ecology, Inc®. Part Numbers and photographs of products and systems are used for identification purposes only and do not demonstrate an association with General Ecology, Inc®. This site makes no representation as to the effect the use of this replacement product may have on any warranty that you received with the purchase of a General Ecology, Inc® Seagull® IV systems.

Compatible with:
Above Water SystemsAWS-1
Seagull, General EcologyRS-1SG, Seagull IV x-1F, IV X1D, RS-1SGH
The Purest One788000, 788150, 788000-2, TP-1
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov