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Everpure 358-TW EV9589-01 U-Fil Replacement Cartridge

Part Number: EV9589-01
Alt. Part Number: 255345-401, EV9531-02
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The Everpure 358-TW #255345-401 U-fil Cartridge for RT-3 is a precoat filter cartridge providing taste, odor and sediment reduction for hot water or high temperature water applications. It is a sealed plastic replacement cartridge, offering easy, clean, and sanitary change-out.

RT-3: The EV9589-01 fits the RT-3 and C3-TW stainless steel housings.
Water You Can Trust Since 1933, Everpure, Inc. has been a worldwide leader in water filtration solutions globally.
Participating Corporations Everpure has grown to become recognized as a global leader in quality, reliability and innovation.
Reductions. The Everpure 358-TW U-Fil Replacement Cartridge is designed to reduce sediment, cloudiness, chlorine taste and odor.
Key Specifications. This filter will handle high temperature water applications up to 180° F with a consistent flow rate of 2 gpm.

Everpure 358-TW U-Fil EV9589-01 Replacement Cartridge Instructions
    1. Shut off water to Everpure Unit. Relieve pressure. Unscrew T-bolt and take off V-band Clamp (if bolt turns hard, lubricate it). Lower shell, unscrew and discard old U-fil cartridge. Wash inside of shell with diluted chlorine solution.
    2.Tear open top of plastic wrapper and peel back. To prevent contamination, keep hands off cartridge; hold with plastic wrapper. Remove instruction label and black outlet cap. Screw cartridge into the EVERPURE top, finger-tight only. Remove and discard plastic wrapper.
    3. Be sure shell lip (underside of top lip) and gasket are clean and free of nicks. Be sure gasket is not twisted and is smoothly in place on shell lip. Reassemble shell to top and replace V-band. Tighten V-band securely.
    4. Each new U-fil cartridge requires a brief activation before use. Outlet line should have a waste valve or fitting to direct activation water to waste. Through it, run at least seven gallons of water to waste (4 two-gallon buckets) at full flow. Close waste valve or fitting. The unit is now ready for use.
    5. Replace cartridge at least every six months or when flow becomes inconveniently slow.

California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov
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