Viqua E4-V Plus NSF Class B Monitored UV Water System Powered by UVMax 15 gpm

Viqua E4-V Plus NSF Class B Monitored UV System Powered by UVMax 15 gpm
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NSF Certified 

UV Intensity Monitor & Flow Restrictor Included

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Viqua E4-V Plus NSF Class B Monitored Ultraviolet Water System Powered by UVMax 15 gpm

Viqua E4-V Plus Ultraviolet water system is a whole house disinfection system with a 15 gpm flow rate. The E4-V Plus is designed to remove harmful bacteria, virus, and microorganisms. The Viqua's simple installation, compact design, and low cost of operation is ideal for small to medium size home. Drink confidently with Viqua's quality and reliability from its 15 gpm high-output ultraviolet water purification system.
  • UV intensity monitor with diagnostic test
  • Viqua controller with water-resistant case
  • LED display showing lamp replacement reminder
  • Indicator lights show the status of each system component
  • Lamp timer reset button and mute button to silence audio alarm
  • Stainless steel chamber with safety cap and special lamp plug
  • Universal power input
  • High-output UV lamp
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 55 for Disinfection Performance, Class B

NSF/ANSI Standard 55: Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems
This standard establishes requirements for point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) non-public water supply (non-PWS) ultraviolet systems and includes two optional classifications.
Class A systems (40mJ/cm²) are designed to disinfect and/or remove microorganisms from contaminated water, including bacteria and viruses, to a safe level.
Class B systems (16mJ/cm²) are designed for supplemental bactericidal treatment of public drinking water or other drinking water, which has been deemed acceptable by a local health agency.

This system is compatible with the 602806 Trojan Lamp and the 602733 Quartz Sleeve. For any necessary system replacements, the UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for E4-V Plus includes:

  • Trojan Lamp (1): 602806
  • Trojan Quartz Sleeve (1): 602733
  • Trojan O-Rings (2): 2045

Viqua E4-V Plus Owners Manual

1" MPT
30 "
4 "
304 Stainless Steel Reactor
CE Standards, NSF/ANSI Standard 55, Class B
3 yr on power supply and electrical compnents, 10 yrs on UV chamber, 1 yr on lamps and sensors
System Type
120 V
83 W
Operating Conditions
15.8 gpm
32-122 °F
125 psi
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