SteriPEN, the leader in ultraviolet water treatment, provides handheld UV water purifiers, perfect for clean water when hiking or traveling.

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The SteriPEN is the perfect tool for vacation or a business trip if the quality of water from the tap is questionable. SteriPEN UV water purifiers are invaluable for hiking, backpacking, or camping when drinking a pond, stream, or lake. Whatever your water source, the SteriPEN UV water purifier is the solution for drinking water without chemical taste, smell, or side effects.

The SteriPEN UV water purifier has long been a favorite of hikers and backpackers due to its size, weight and effectiveness. SteriPEN products fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack and are easy to operate.

The SteriPEN utilizes C wavelength ultraviolet light for water purification. UV-C light is short wave light, falling between x-rays and visible light wavelengths, which destroys the DNA of microbes in seconds. Without functional DNA, microbes can't reproduce or make you sick.

Operating the SteriPEN portable UV water purifier is simple. Press the button. Place the lamp into the water for 48 seconds for 16 fl oz., or 90 seconds for 32 fl oz. Gently stir while the lamp is in the water. That’s all it takes for fresh water!

Which SteriPen handheld UV water purifier is right for you? Use the below chart to compare all portable SteriPen ultraviolet water purifiers basic specifications.