Marine Hardware

Marine hardware from Watts, Sea Tech, and Parker includes thru-hull fittings, supercoil hoses, and hose adapters for boats.

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Our supply of marine fittings includes boat fittings, hoses, and backflow prevention accessories for boats and other marine vessels.

Watts Marine Fittings

  • • Bronze flange nuts
  • • Seacock valves

Benefits of Watts Bronze Fittings

  • • Can be used above or below the water line
  • • Made of durable 85-5-5-5 naval bronze
  • • Available in ½"- 3”

Sea Tech Hoses and Hose Adapters

Benefits of the Sea Tech Supercoil Hose

  • • Made from polyurethane tubing
  • • Plated brass crimps for a secure fit
  • • UV and corrosion-resistant garden hose ends

Supercoil Features

  • • Available in blue or white
  • • 15’ or 25’
  • • Guaranteed not to kink

Parker Marine Fittings

Benefits of Parker Quick-Couplers and Brass Nipples

  • • Include double O-rings and locking balls for a tight seal
  • • Durable and corrosion-resistant