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Male Barb Connector Polypropylene - 1/2 ID Barb x 1/4 MNPT Black

Part Number: MCB-0804PP
Alt. Part Number: 325HB-8-4PP
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The Male Barb Connector made from polypropylene provides a tight seal that, because of the polypropylene, is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and abrasion.

  • Material: Black Polypropylene
  • Temp Range: 9°F min to 150°F max
  • Pressure: 125psi at 70°F
  • Barb Sizes: Available in 1/16" barb to 1" barb
  • Male NPT Sizes: Available in 1/8" Male NPT to 1" Male NPT
Like most of the polyolefins, polypropylene is highly resistant to solvents and chemicals. It has outstanding resistance to water and other inorganic environments. It resists most strong mineral acids.

White polypropylene fittings exhibit the same physical and chemical resistance properties as natural polypropylene. These fittings contain a percentage of recycled material sourced from natural polypropylene, virgin material production runs.

A white colorant is added to differentiate our white polypropylene fittings from natural polypropylene fittings. If your application does not require lot traceability, or a fitting that meets USP XXI Class VI requirements (for medical applications) these fittings represent an excellent value.